How People are Fooled in Facebook and Instagram Using Photoshop

The power of Photoshop, With photoshop anything, can be done, and nowadays Photoshop is used to fooled people, girls, and guys upload their photoshopped pictures to fool people. and these pictures are proof that Why You Shouldn’t Trust Social Media like facebook instagram Pics

45 Photos explaining How much should we Trust Wikipedia

Don’t Trust anything blindly, many of us trust Wikipedia blindly and we also consider that true because that is published in Wikipedia, but whatever published in Wikipedia is user published and it’s not verified properly by Wikipedia, so if you are getting or collecting any information from Wikipedia then don’t consider that valuable.

100 Wtf Funny Pictures That Cannot Be Explained

These pictures are really hard to explain and some of them are so confusing that you will fail to set captions for those images , these mysterious photos cannot be explained no matter how long you look some photos look like time travelers but they are actually unexplained ,some mysterious photos should not exist but… read more »

100 Amazing Forced Perspective Illusion Pictures Ideas

All below photos and pictures are perfect example of Forced Perspective, It is a technique which employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is , It can be done just by changing the angle or focus. Also Read –Long Hair Problems ,Photoshop Fails,Expectations and Reality,Fathe… read more »

20 pictures showing Who Lives Longer Married or Single

These 20 photos will explain why women live longer then men and why single love longer then married , if you are single then you will have less stress , less stress result in more productivity and more happiness which result in longer life , These photos of married guys prove why women live longer… read more »