Recreating Old Photos After 40 Years

Paramedic Chris Porsz a Passion photographer have snapped same photos after 40 years again and recreated 134 photos again.He spent his seven years in tracking down the people in his pictures.

20 photos you will not believe are not Photoshop

Yes these 20 photos are not Photoshop and you will not believe this because these pictures you won’t believe exist or real these photos are amazing and unbelievable pictures and are amazing non photoshopped pictures

20 Dangerous Hobbies , 11th is Very Dangerous.

Thease are some most dangerous Hobbies around the world that people do to entertain themeself , You can also try some of these amazing and Dangerous Hobbies . Skydiving Ski Jumping Heli-Skiing Cliff Diving Boxing Rock Climbing Motorcycle Racing Hang Gliding Hang Gliding Big Wave Surfing Sky Diving Mountain Climbing Bungee Jumping Scuba Diving Base… read more »